Quality in Business
30 Mantras for PR

Quality is today a right and not a privilege that you offer to customers. Quality is no longer a competitive weapon used by companies in selling products or services. Quality is given. It is something like a qualifier to be in business!

The mission today needs to be quality with innovation, speed and flexibility.

Quality is achievable only with clear thought and vision and commitment of top management.

There are 30 possible mantras for quality that PR must try and propagate and instill in an organization:

  1. A quality journey begins with the commitment to it of the top management.

  2. People at the top must have a gut feel about the happenings at ground level.

  3. Its not the way others perceive you, but rather the way you perceive yourself that make    all the difference.

  4. Appoint a Quality Champion to drive your company’s quality initiative.

  5. ISO 9000 certificate, today is more than just a certificate. It is a mindset and a basis of a strategy in quality policy of the company.

  6. Commence your quality journey with a Strategic Plan.

  7. Script a strategy to deal with resistance to change.

  8. Assessment of corporate culture is a prerequisite to your quality journey.

  9. Understand the philosophy of the quality policy, it is not just for display.

  10. You need not be a CEO to be a quality leader.

  11. Master the art of conflict resolution.

  12. The quality strategy should be inextrebly linked to your communication strategy.

  13. Spell out your employee involvement strategy.

  14. The corporate measurement system should integrate the strategic and operational measures with corporate vision.

  15. Make your measurement system visible.

  16. Improvement tools are of no use if customer complaints continue.

  17. Spell out your employee involvement strategy.

  18. Empower your teams to make things happen.

  19. Your approach towards handling a complaint is more important than its outcome.

  20. Replace Standard Operating Practices (SOPs) with Best Operating Practices (BOPs).

  21. While solving problems, don’t treat the (effect) but dig out the “root cause”.

  22. Focussing on a documented quality system mindlessly will not put you on an improvement trajectory.

  23. Training needs should be based on company demands and individual needs.

  24. Demystify the economics of customer retention.

  25. Increase the “moments of truth”.

  26. Variation reduction should be the mission of quality council.

  27. Your suppliers are a part of your business, give them an opportunity to develop and deliver.

  28. The benefits of internal audits may be much more than you think.

  29. You need to capture what the customer expects in measurable terms.

  30. Dab your quality journey with a cost-based discipline.

  31. The success of your communication strategy for quality depends on specific elements.

  32. Add to your bottom line with the power of Six Sigma.