Choose the correct meaning.

Achilles’ heel : fashionable shoes by a Greek designer heels; vulnerable spot; athlete’s complaint

Acumen : pepper-like substance; penetrating insight; ability to tolerate heights

Affidavit : a written statement made on oath; a solicitor’s instruction; a judge’s direction to a jury

Antipathy : hatred; aversion; fear

Candor : openness and integrity; hypocritical praise

Canard : false rumor; a joke 

Cartel : an agreement to regulate business practices; an agreement between nations to exclude others

Déjà vu : old fashioned; a person acquainted with witchcraft; an illusion of having previously experienced an event

Dextral : left handed, right handed, colour blind, both handed; flexible

Fallacy : A Papal law: false belief; an argument

Faux pas : cunning like a fox; social indiscretion; mistake

Flout : to show off; treat with contempt

Furlough : ten furlongs; leave of absence; further efforts

Gaffe : a shark; error; bloomer

Gambit : gamble; habit; action point; coverage

Gregarious : hungry; moody; friendly and sociable

Hector : to shout; to act strangely; to bully

Harbinger : foretelling an event; a bird; foretelling the weather

Hindsight : all round vision; wise after an event; rear-view

Hyperbole : exaggeration, a huge arena; hypnotherapy

Impromptu : off hand; casual; verbose

Jaundiced : a disease; seeing with a colored eye; a prejudicial attitude; and untrue statement

Juxtapose : place something against something; replace something; to cover something up with something else

Lampoon : a ships lantern; a whale; a satiric attack

Lumpen : overweight; drop dead; deprived and degraded;

Melee : a lady’s long gown; a rush; a confused fight

Myopia : propensity to weep; short sightedness; insomnia

Overt : hidden and secret; open and public; shy and retiring

Paradigm : a model of excellence; a tongue twisting phrase; a model example

Perennial : annually; long lasting, everlasting