“The merits of the book lie in its lucid, purposive rhetoric and clarity in presentation. In a market where there is a paucity of books on communication, this book which adopts a pragmatic approach would prove to be indispensable for any practicing or potential manager who is committed to development f communicative competence.”

Bombay Management Association Review

“Putting to use as he does lessons gathered over a period of 25 years, Sushil Bahl's book will no doubt be of use to all those who view corporate communication ( or public relations, as most people know it ) as a possible career for themselves. Questions like how, when, why, and for whom are elaborately answered.”

Business India

“ this book is written in a lucid manner, is a very useful primer not only for graduates but also for executives who need to revitalize their communication methods…The book is written in very simple English with concise paragraphs making it easy for the reader.”

The Hindu