ACC’s tradition of quality products and service to customers was encapsulated by the founders-when eleven cement producers merged to form The Associated Cement Companies Ltd.-1936 in the words:

“Over the years, we have added value to what we give our customers, believing that a satisfied customer returns to the source of his satisfaction.”

Today, ACC’s value added benefits to customers have been concretized by creating a special division which offers technical consultancy for civil construction jobs. In addition, customer services cells at marketing offices offer assistance to various on-site problems. ACC believes that this is most essential not only because of a competitive marketplace but, more importantly, because ACC knows that improving quality is the key to improving performance (and customer satisfaction).

Nani Palkhivala, Chairman, and MM Nambiar, Managing Director-Associated
Cement Companies (ACC)

At Akbarallys consumerism is not a newborn philosophy. It has been part of our tradition since we opened over a 100 years ago. Imaginative marketing has been the hallmark of Akbarallys. Its staff is trained to handle retailing with customer orientation. Its product mix changes to keep pace with the changes in customer preferences. At Akbarallys we do not sell-we help our customer to buy! Our staff also follows the age old conviction laid down when we began-Retail is Detail.

We show we care in many ways. To start with, the products we sell have to meet high standards of quality and performance. If the consumer has a grievance to redress with the manufacturer, we support the consumer fully. It is this philosophy that has kept Akbarallys shoppers happy.

F.T.Khorakiwala, Chairman-Akbarallys Chain of Department Stores and Former Sheriff of Bombay 

Our corporate vision statement reads:

“Consumer Trust will continue to be our prime concern. Leadership will be the aim of all our activities and a Delighted Customer of all actions.”

For the company three very specific key strategic goals emerge out of this:

  • All our efforts to be made to reduce field failure rate.

  • Resolve customer complaints within 72 hours.

  • Conformance of performance/specification to the promotional claims of products and services.

Customer Delight can be achieved through improved customer satisfaction and reduced customer dissatisfaction. Improving customer satisfaction is a proactive approach. Reducing customer dissatisfaction as a means of achieving customer delight is a reactive approach.

Shekhar Bajaj, Chairman And Managing Director-Bajaj Electricals