“Communications and public relations cannot change black to white! They must be truthful, factual, and based on actual performance of the company”.
  The case studies discussed here are true-life case studies of actual happenings in Indian corporations. Known and acknowledged as being such in the professional communications and public relations circles. Click on the link below to view the Case Studies.
Tata Steel – a large and very old private sector steel company which face a peculiar crisis when it was performing well and was a model company.
Union Carbide’s Bhopal tragedy – a disaster with international ramifications involving a prized multinational company.
Mafatlal Industries – the decline of a major and very respected industrial group which at one time ranked as the third largest business group in the country.
Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide – a USAID- ICICI project to promote low dosage contraceptive pills in four Indian States.
Wockhardt VRS Scheme – on the take-over of Merind Ltd.
All India Radio – Marketing for Revival
Mafatlal Industries – A “Quality” Ad Campaign
Bombay Stock Exchange – A Post-scam PR