“Communication is vital today for knowledge management and change management which are considered the order of the day in the new economy”
Communicate and Prosper.
This web site has been created and developed for "knowledge" in managing business and corporate communications better. It aims to provide insights into the theory and practice of the business of Business Communications. More for young individual professionals and smaller corporations in developing countries in the Middle East, Indian subcontinent, and South East Asia. Plus students of communications, public relations, advertising and other management disciplines in which communications is the root.

We will be happy to receive questions, comments, contributions which we will react on and put up on our site for the benefit of all who visit it. It will thus also be a compendium of facts and practices for those who want to know more, draw lessons from, and benefit from the information -- in real life corporate and business situations.

We would also be happy to provide consultant advice to your communications and web designing needs. If possible at a nominal charge. Do contact us.